Case Samples

Commercial and Residential PV Solar

Action Energy Australia have a most impressive client portfolio of both residential and commercial solar installations nationally.  Our design, and quality of installation is second to none in the industry.  Contact us to request more information and reference site contacts.

'It no longer makes sense to preserve last century’s forms of electricity utility ownership and control at a time where cost-effective technology enables self generation, conservation and energy efficiency for wider distribution, production, and ownership.' ...... John Farrell (Renew Economy)

Quality Workmanship

Above CEC guidelines and AS/NZ Standards

Installation Capability

From 2kW to more than 100kW

350kW South Australia

100kW Queensland

100kW NSW

Building Design

Passive and Active Integration with Building Design



Sustainable Living

Sustainable Working

Fronius, Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems

Three phase energy storage and back-up power capability.

Maintaining vital energy supply services for business and medical.


Enphase Residential

Single and Three phase PV Solar and Energy Storage

Fronius Residential

Single and Three phase PV Solar and Energy Storage

LED Lighting

LED High Bays, Low Bays and Tubes

RC Air-conditioning of the future but
the future is now and 70% less to run!

QLD home.

Power Factor Correction

Optimising Voltage to minimise $ losses

Soft Starters and Motor Velocity Controllers